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COVID-19 Updates

In-person classes are currently unavailable. We will continue to offer our classes, via remote learning throughout the Summer, commencing in June.
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Covid-19 Updates

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and for the protection of our students and our community, in- person classes at The Techno Team's Columbus Avenue location are not available for the foreseeable future. The Techno Team will continue to offer our classes via remote learning throughout the Summer, commencing in June.

To continue to maintain The Techno Team's educational standard during this period, group sessions have been replaced with one-on-one remote learning sessions. The curriculum continues to cover the principles of technology, digital imaging and design, coding, and 3D modeling. Now more than ever, digital fluency is a critical part of your child's academic development. The Techno Team program will teach as well as reinforce the technological skills your child will need through the duration of their remote education experience and beyond.

In addition THE TECHNO TEAM is here to support any of your family's personal technology infrastructure needs in the new WFH (Work From Home) environment.

With best wishes for your health and safety,

Loretta Radice, M.Ed. Director
The Techno Team
Please contact us @ info@thetechnoteam.com>