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COVID-19 Updates

In-person classes are currently unavailable. We will continue to offer our classes, via remote learning throughout the Summer, commencing in June.
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The Techno Team

Join Us to Flex Your Techno Muscle!

In this digital era, The Techno Team offers children's computer classes designed on the premise that early introduction and reinforcement of technological skills are key to a child's future successes. The program promotes a child to become independent in using technology for both school and leisure activities.

The Techno Team's goals are to familiarize the child with computers, allow the child to become comfortable using the technology, and to provide the child with skills to use computer technology as a component of daily life while enhancing academic and developmental skills. In addition to the traditional offerings of The Techno Team, our specialty courses allow each child to explore a specific concept in greater depth. Technology and the computer are growing resources and, when used appropriately, are amazing assets. The Techno Team fosters the development of tech-savvy children who have the ability to concentrate on the concept rather than the tool.

New York Magazine's choice for BEST COMPUTER CLASSES FOR KIDS!